Online tennis manager game - Guide

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1 year = 37 weeks
1 week in the game = 1 day real time
Every week is a tournament, 1 tournament takes 1 day in real time


Daily evaluation

Will be held at 00:00.
The following is evaluated:
- Training
- A new week is dawning
- New tournament draw
- Recalculation of rankings and update points
- Sponsor will pay the fix amount



There are 5 different types of coaches, all to improve the training in various fields. There are coaches in each execution of Level 1 to 5. The higher the level the more the coach brings, but of course also costs more. Here are the percentage increases in training with the respective coaches are given. Fittnesstrainer eg. a level 3 make 20 * 3 = 60% more cardio training. The motivation trainer gives you a general motivational bonus. Upon completion of the contract 5 days, the coach stays with you. Each player can set up to 5 coaches (but only) one for each species. The trainers will be auctioned by auction house principle. You are able to bid with OTM $. You can work around it and commit coach directly with Platos (OTM ingame currency). Especially for beginners probably this very worthwhile because they can not afford such sums.

Fitness Trainer

+ 10 * level % condition

Motivation Artist

+ 1 * level of motivation Bonus

Clay Specialist

+ 10*level % speed
+ 10*level % game intelligence

Hardcourt Specialist

+ 10*level % stroke severity
+ 10*level % presence
+ 10*level % backhand

Grass Specialists

+ 10*level % Aufschlag
+ 20*level % Volleytraining

Match Engine

Offensive skills

The only skill which matters for serve is the serve skill. For your baseline hits, the skills forehand, backhand, hitting hardness and precision are important. On the net you only need good volley skills. Increasing the risk will give your shots more power, but also the chance of getting more unforced errors increased.

Defense skills

If you are able to reach a ball is determined by your skills quickness and cleverness.

Occurrence of netattacks

The player will decide by itself if he will attack the net or not. Good volley skills increase the occurrency of net attacks. Long balls from the opponent reduce the own net attacks while short balls decrease the power of baseline strikes.

Instant Matches

You are able to play unlimited instant matches, but only once at same time. For the first 5 matches of the day you will get a spectator bonus. There exists an instant match ranking in the statistics section. In that section you are also able to see your last matches. For a win you will get +1, for a defeat you will get -1 point. Instant matches take no effect on your skills.


Enjoy the online tennis manager game!